Top 5 Health Tips For 2014

As a society, we are increasingly spending more time indoors.  Indoor air pollution is a real concern consider a HEPA air filter.  Sunshine gets a bad rap but is essential to human biology.  Natural circadian rhythms, hormones, vitamin D and happiness all come from the sun.  Occasionally, other people will be seen outside, they may become your friends, try it.
Meditation, prayer, contemplation, breathing exercises, creative visualization, affirmations all contribute to improved health and well being.  Make it a regular practice and see what happens.
A yearly exam including blood work is a great idea.  Even if you feel fine, it is good to get a baseline to compare in the future if something does go wrong.  Functional labs can give you great data including: food allergies, hormones, parasites, autoimmune markers, nutrient status, toxicity levels etc.  You won’t know what is going inside of you unless you test.
Get to know your local growers there is so much great food being produced locally.  These producers need you and you need them, it’s the future of agriculture.  Make sure they are organic and GMO free.
#5  GO TO BED:
We are living in sleep deprived society.  Create a sleep oasis in your bedroom.  Black out shades, cool the bedroom, move your bed to a north/south configuration, remove all electrical items out of the room.  Go to bed earlier, studies show sleep prior to midnight is equal to twice as much sleep than after midnight.
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