Reflexology is the application of pressure techniques to the hands, feet and ears to affect another part of the body with the intention of producing a beneficial response. The pressure sensors also known as reflex points, communicate instantly with the brain, internal organs, and other parts of the body. Reflex points also gather information from the environment when stimulated, then signals the brain how to respond. The nervous system is responsible for this communication, therefore, if the nervous system is in distress of any sort, it is prone to give the wrong instructions. Reflexology has the ability to address and stimulate this communication between the brain and body in a way that will promote good health, relaxation, ease pain, prevent dis-ease, maintain homeostasis, and improve the quality of life.

For many years the gift of touch has shown evidence of lower blood pressure, increased self-esteem, better sleep, and overall better health. Among the world’s oldest depiction of medical practices are pictographs of hand and foot reflexology. Russian physicians believed that health can be affected in response to external stimuli, concluding with the concept of “Reflex therapy”. Medical researchers of that time believed that an organ experienced illness because it received the wrong instructions from the brain. Reflexologists follow a “Map” of the hands and feet that display the correlating reflex points and zones of the whole body. It’s like getting a whole body massage, simply by working the hands and feet.

Reflexology can be used at any stage of life and for a wide range of health concerns. Whether you are experiencing symptoms physically, mentally, or emotionally, reflexology can help. Maybe you are in overall good health and want to maintain wellness, then reflexology is a great technique and can be done anywhere and anytime. You can learn basic reflexology on yourself with a few easy steps to address those day to day aches, pains, and stressors. Hands and feet play a very important role in everyday life. You may sit for hours in front of a computer, compromise comfort for style in your footwear, or perhaps you have to stand throughout the working day. Either way, our hands and feet never seem to get the attention and love that they deserve. With reflexology, you get the benefit of touch, massage type techniques, and a true whole body experience that even your kidneys, liver, and heart can benefit from.

Worried about being ticklish? Reflexologists are trained how to introduce touch to the feet in a slow and gentle fashion until client comfort is obtained.

Maybe you have a cast on a hand or foot, or possibly an amputation…….. The map of the whole body is located on each foot, hand, and ear. This means you can receive the benefits of reflexology either way.

If you are prone to fungus, we are able to discern if and how we can accommodate you. Protective sterile gloves are used for conditions that allow treatment.

Jessica Kraus is a Certified Reflexologist that has worked with Reflexology for 9 years. She provides a safe and comfortable environment for every client. Her attentiveness to your needs combined with her unique intuition, makes for an experience that will meet or even exceed your expectations.