Vaccine Info:
Vaccine Truth provides straight talk about all of your concerns about vaccines.
National Vaccine Info Center another good site with a little more technically orientated information.

Nontoxic Furniture:
Nontoxic beds is a good place to find beds without toxic fire retardants in the mattresses.
Elka furniture offers organic handmade furniture.

Water Filters:
Berkey water filters are easy to set up, ask for the extra fluoride filter if you are on city water, and get it in stainless steel.
Ecovessel water filters are great for travel, in stainless steel,  they can filter 100 gallons of water and look like a regular water bottle.
Aqua 6 Ozone generators are a cheap way to make your own ozone water for drinking.

Air Filters:
Ecoquest makes the best combination filters that utilize ozone, UV, and ionization.  Great for killing bugs, mold, and toxins.
Honeywell HEPA air filters are a must in everyone’s home.  It will dramatically improve air quality without the need to buy replacement filters.